The Rubber Moulding Industry

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Initially, the importance of Rubber wasn’t much realized, but gradually, the uses of Rubber have significantly increased. Today, the usage of Rubber is not limited to the erasing and binding purposes only, but it is also used to make other essential items like tyres, gloves, carpets, condoms and adhesives etc.

The advantages of Rubber are undoubtedly numerous. The elastic nature of Rubber has made it one of the mandatory materials in today’s world. Rubber is highly shock absorbent, slip resistant incredibly durable and unbreakable. One of best alternative flooring can be done with the use of Rubber pavers, which we usually see in our gyms. Rubber is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is also easily repairable and the damages can be easily filled in. Due to all these qualities, Rubber can also be an excellent bathing mat. Even a wet Rubber mat is slip resistant, preventing a person from any harm or injury. Interestingly, the water automatically gets drained out of the Rubber mat due to the tiny holes upon its surface.

The Rubber Moulding Industries slowly and gradually increased in number right from the 19th century itself. Today, it has become one of the most important industries in the world. The Rubber moulding industry basically comprises of three types of industry: compression, transfer and injection. Out of these three, compression Rubber moulding is the most simple as well as inexpensive processes of manufacturing. On the other hand, transfer Rubber moulding is comparatively expensive and leads to more wastage. Nonetheless, the quality of its outcome is far better than compression Rubber moulding. Lastly, the process of injection Rubber moulding is the most sophisticated and expensive of them all.

One of the major disadvantages of all the Rubber Moulding procedures is that they are not appropriate for small scale projects. The varieties of Rubber like silicone rubbers and liquid latex, usually used by sculptors and crafts people, are greatly suitable for small projects. But for other purposes special synthetic compositions of Rubber are also useful and made by many manufacturers. Presently, there are many companies manufacturing rubber moldings for a variety of industries such as automobile, medical, textile, engineering, construction, plumbing and so on. As a result, the rubber molding industry is growing by leaps and bounds for catering to the ever-growing requirements of molded rubber parts and components. The rubber moldings have special properties that make them a good substitute for components made using other materials. With the rubber moldings swiftly replacing plastic molded components and metal casted parts, this industry is set for more growth in the coming years.

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The Rubber Moulding Industry

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This article was published on 2011/08/01