What can you say with Rubber Stamps?

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If you are a scrapbooking enthusiast, you are probably already aware of the many ways in which you can spruce up your special books.  Rubber stamping has quickly become one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to add a unique touch in the pages of your scrapbook.  You probably already have many beautiful rubber stamp impressions in your collection, but do you have stamps that actually make a statement? Listed below are a few of the most popular statements that can be made with rubber stamps. 

"I love you."

This is probably the most widely used saying in scrapbooking history.  Whether you are creating a Valentine's scrapbook of your favorite memories or a children's book from birth until the teenage years, saying "I love you" on the pages has never been easier with rubber stamps.

"Let's have fun!"

Vacation memories are easily captured in scrapbooking pages.  There is no easier way to express the fun that you and your family had while on the trip than using rubber stamps with creative sayings such as "Let's have fun!"

"It's time to party!"

Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and holiday get-togethers are all times which in are perfectly represented in scrapbooks.  A saying such as "It's time to party!" will help creative a joyous mood that will help you recall those fun times each and every time you look at the scrap book.

"Happy Birthday."

The pages of your scrapbooks that represent birthdays will boast numerous pictures of the occasion. Add in a special touch by using a rubber stamp that says "happy birthday" or "turning one year older."

"Merry Christmas."

To represent December 25 in your scrap book, be sure that you have a rubber stamp that says "Merry Christmas."  This, combined with a beautiful Christmas wreath stamp will add a festive touch to the Christmas pages of your scrapbook.


The pages of your scrap book will also be filled with numerous pages involving family.  Family is the heart of the home and your scrap book. Be sure that you have many stamps that are centered on a love for your family.

There are countless things that you can say when using rubber stamp for your scrapbooking purposes. Adding different sayings to your scrapbook can make it appear neater and more organized as opposed to writing the sayings in by hand.  What will you say with rubber stamps?

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What can you say with Rubber Stamps?

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This article was published on 2012/04/20